1. Post in the relevant forum and stay on topic.
  2. English is the only language allowed in the forums.
  3. You may only register one Minecraft account.
  4. Spamming in any shape or form is not allowed.
  5. Profanity and bad language use is not allowed.
  6. Engaging in arguments publicly is not allowed.
  7. Touchy topics, e.g., religion, politics, etc., are not allowed.
  8. Toxic, inappropriate or racist behavior is not allowed.
  9. Obnoxious images, e.g., flashy, are not allowed.
  10. Sharing others' personal information is not allowed.
  11. Promoting products and services is not allowed.
  12. Only post your own creations you've made.
  13. Use the report button to report rule breakers.