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2 months ago
Corruption of worlds?

So lately there have been incidents of towny's data just being corrupted.
I hope this time is the last time so the server can go on as usual but to avoid this I have 3 suggestions 
1. Daily scheduled Backup
2. Daily scheduled Backup
3. Daily scheduled Backup

Copy the towny data and put it in a safe place that isn't connected to the server
In case of a corruption of the file, you can just take it from the backup and put it on the server

This isn't meant to offend the staff in any way shape or form I think you've done an amazing job it is just to avoid these incidents again

Thank You!

2 months ago
Thank You Lamb and the Staff

So 9 days have passed since I posted the post "Issues That Concern me" and I'm happy to report that you guys did an amazing job of solving a lot of those issues 

I'm very happy to log in the server every day even if it means staying awake till 5:30am just to play this server

There are still things to fix so keep it up

So seriously I want to thank each one of you about the days of work for me and us the players 


3 months ago
Issues that concern me


Is it a big issue with a lot of items on th ground when players are killed? This is something I can immediately add as you suggested with something like a chest that spawns with the items instead of dropping them.

Well, it is known that a large number of items on the ground causes lag, but I think the main issue is with the concentration of players in general at wars

Btw really like that quick response especially from the owner 

3 months ago
Issues that concern me

Hello, my discord name is TheCoolGeek#5983

And I'm going to start this article by pointing out why I published it in the first place:

I have been playing datearth for 16 days and I play on World IV In the nation - Republic of America

First, let me apologize for my broken English because I'm not a native speaker


On this article, I'm going to point out issues that made some of my fellow players to quit datearth or to be very annoyed by it (like me)

The issues are extremely annoying and for some of them I'm going to provide solutions 


This isn't meant to hurt anyone in the staff I think you've done an amazing job of creating 

the server and I usually enjoy it


Now let's get to it:


1. The most annoying issue is with the towny plugin: you can't declare war on towns which means that someone can make lots of towns and make them stronger and when he wants just declare war and destroy any nation because as he gets stronger the nation cannot do anything 


A possible solution to that is maybe in the config file of towny there is an option that nations can declare war on towns that existed for a long time/passed a certain amount of citizens/passed a certain amount of chunks 


If there isn't a config file that allows you to do that maybe suggest this to the towny developers because it is fairly easy to code it


2. Cheating 

There are people who cheat here and they don't get banned but people who build inappropriate buildings do

I  just want to show you the absurdity of this system

I mean, ban people who build inappropriate buildings but cheating is way more important 


Solution: find an anti-cheating plugin that is compatible with the war/vehicles plugin you have installed on the server/focus more of the admins to track players who move weirdly on the map without a vehicle


3. LAGS 

As you might know, the server isn't usually laggy BUT it lags when the are wars-when there are a lot of people in one place

It ruins one of the most important things about this server


Solutions: There are a lot of them and I will start from expensive to cheap

A. Upgrade your hardware of the server 

B. Buy a good anti-lag plugin

C. Download a plugin that when someone dies their item are saved in a chest that disappears after 10 minutes thus minimizing the number of items on the ground

D. Close down other platforms that have a small number of players online 


4. The player cap

Ik this is used to reduce lag and to get more people to buy royalty which is extremely understandable but it is annoying you can't join when all of your friends are in 


Solution: it isn't that important or easy to solve it but if you can increase the cap

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