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12 days ago
June Building Competition

My entry for Week 23

Lemme know if the screenshots can be viewed or not.


-=[ Pepper ]=- 

12 days ago
Ideas for build competitions and more!


I've got a cool Idea. So there is gonna be a separate server for the building competition. You can only use a limited palette of blocks that can be voted upon. You will then need to build the best thing you can out of ur blocks. The winner is the prettiest build.

I have had a very similar idea to this myself, and always wanted to make a building server with custom modifiers, including limiting the available blocks.

A feature that would have to be implemented is a set theme, so that the skill of players can be more accurately judged.

Perhaps making the pallette have an x amount of random blocks would be interesting because then players are forced to creatively use even dubious blocks in their builds. This would contribute to either some part of or all of the available blocks for building.

Another concept I have is build upgrade: all players start with the same base build and... make upgrades to it. These could be without limitations or following a certain theme, for example, "Upgrade this house to a futuristic build."

If you'd be interested in me sharing other ideas, quote this post in the thread letting me know and I might make another post/thread of my own sharing other concepts I have for a building server.


-=[ Pepper ]=-

13 days ago
Hello there

Words cannot describe my greed for 500 gold.

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