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DatEarth Endgame Fun

The Moon is being added as well as some new end game stuff, enchantments mostly. Am pleased. Hope it's soon.


Check under the Armory section, new Moon section. Very cool Kayne.


about 1 month ago
DatEarth Endgame Fun


if your looking for things to do in the endgame currently, i reccomend fighting pigmen. gives you a ton of resources and is a fun challenge.

Pigmen can't even do anything to me at this point. Full prot 4 is a godsend


2 months ago
DatEarth Endgame Fun

After becoming a World Superpower and being filthy rich on Gaia it's come to my attention that there's not much more to do, the endgame is a bit stale. Sure you could attempt to take over the world but for most people that's not their end goal. What I suggest doing is adding things that are more end game focused like new enchants or things like Slimefun machines to give those who are currently idle in the late game a bit more to do then just sit there and twiddle their thumbs.


I do have a few suggestions for additions that I personally enjoy but if you have any in mind feel free to use those if you agree with me on what was said above. 

First plugin I'd recommend is Zenchantments. Zenchants is a highly configurable plugin that adds a mutlitude of enchants to the game as well as some custom arrows and such.

Second one I'd like to recommend is EnchantableBlocks. EnchantableBlocks is more of a quality of life plugin than an endgame one but it does have a massive effect on the endgame. EnchantableBlocks is just as it says, you can enchant blocks. The only real effect it has is that if you enchant furnaces they smelt things better, also getting a collection of enchanted blocks is an endgame goal people might want to do, people being me.

Last plugin is Minepacks. Minepacks is just a simple backpacks plugin. You can upgrade the backpacks to hold more stuff and that's about it.


I believe that these plugins would make the endgame for players on DatEarth a bit more enjoyable and would like them to be added. If anyone has any other ideas for the DatEarth endgame I'd love to hear them. And lastly, thank you for reading the ramblings of a madman.

2 months ago
New names for worlds

Here's the world list I'd like to propose and the reasons why.


World 1: Gaia ("Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess" Which fits very well because World 1's popularity is likely what created the other Worlds. I don't know for sure though.)


World 2: Terra (I really liked it, very nice name. good Latin roots.)


World 3: Eris (The Greek Goddess of discord and strife, I've been told by a few people that World 3 has a bit more war than the others so this fits perfectly.)


World 4: Novus (New in Latin, back to the Latin like with Terra. Novus sounds cool and World 4 is the newest world, what else do I need to say?)

3 months ago
Hello there

Sometimes it just be like that ya know


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