June Building Competition
4 months ago

June Building Competition

It is time for the June building competition.

  • Theme: Panda
  • Building restrictions: No 2d
  • Prize: Premium, 2500 gold.
  • Deadlines: Entries must be submitted before Monday, June 28. The winner will be announced Sunday, June 30.

How to participate:

Join the Minecraft server at mc.minecraftchat.net and create a new plot for the build. When you've finished your build, take screenshots of it and upload the screenshots to imgur.com/upload as an album. Reply to this thread with a link to the album and the ID of the plot where you built the creation. The screenshots may only be taken with vanilla/server resource ...

Ideas for build competitions and more!
4 months ago

We will be hosting building competitions and more on Minecraftchat.net with prizes such as premium and perhaps more with a sponsor.

Do you have any building theme ideas or ideas for other events? 🤔

Let us know here 😄

Hello there
4 months ago

Welcome to Minecraftchat.net :)

Thank you for being here, we hope to provide a great experience and build a strong community here.

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